Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Certificate - SBBJ

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you all must have posted your life certificate through the pension Drawing Branch or directly to pension department, SBBJ Head office, Jaipur duly signed and signature attested by any of our bank official or Govt. gazetted officer

Hope you are aware that non receipt of this certificate may result in non-payment of further pension until you have submitted the same to bank authorities.

Every year in the month of November while signing this life certificate I always feel pity upon myself that I am to provide proof of being alive, or in other words I was expected to have been dead during the last financial year.  Sometimes I feel happy to sign this certificate for being still alive by the grace of the God to receive pension for some more time. Sometimes I even feel bad when the whole world is expecting me to be dead why I am still alive.

Once I was sitting in a local govt pension office, truly I had gone there to meet a friend of mine who was working in the office and who had the task of checking all the received life certificates, believe me I was surprise to note that while checking the whole lot of life certificate he was exclaiming in between like “ arre yeh sala santa ram abhi tak jinda hai”  then he continued his work suddenly he shouted yelling his boss “ sirji dekho ye majid khan ka bhi life certificate aa gaya hai” as if greater the no. of life certificate received means greater burden on govt exchequer. Actually he was posing himself like gabber singh of famous sholey calling “ ha ha ha...tino bach gaye”

However friends, jokes apart you may find below a specimen of life certificate to be submitted duly signed. If one of you have not submitted the same so far please take a print out of the specimen and submit.

(click on image below to take a print out)

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